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Ducted Gas Heating & Installation
Sunshine Coast

If you are looking at a ducted heating installation in the Sunshine Coast, By The River airconditioning & services can tailor the best-ducted heating system to suit your home and your needs. As a long time provider and installer of ducted heating systems, you can rely on us to supply quality brands and flawless installations.

With ducted heating you don’t have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one.

Gas Ducted central heating is the most efficient way to heat your entire house. You can save up to $300* per year in operating costs to heat your entire home using a high efficiency gas ducted heater compared to using gas space heaters.

Ducted gas heating works by drawing air from inside your home into a return air grille, which then flows into the central heating unit, where it is warmed before being distributed to each room via a network of duct work connected to outlets. The result is warm gentle air from your gas heating system!

Affordable Ducted Heating in the Sunshine Coast, namely Buderim, Kawana, Kunda Park, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Mountain Creek and surrounding areas.

The more stars, the more you save.

The star rating on your Ducted Gas Heater helps you compare how much gas your heater is actually using. It’s an indicative guide that outlines the running cost of the heater in terms of annual energy usage.

The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient the heater is – meaning bigger annual savings on your running costs. On average, an increase of one star means energy usage savings of approximately 10 percent. Ducted heating units can come with programmable thermostats so you can pre-set your system to come on and warm the home before you get out of bed on cold winter mornings. Thanks to the variety of gas heaters, Sunshine Coast customers can truly make an informed choice and enjoy the expert installation and service offered from By The River heating and airconditioning.

Reduce Energy Costs by Zoning Ducted Heating Service

Another cost saving feature of ducted gas heating is zoning. Zoning allows you to divide up sections of your home so you only heat up the areas that you require at certain times of the day. Switching off unused zones not only helps reach your set temperature faster, but will also save you lots on your energy bill. Adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill.

Zoning is both practical and economical, meaning ducted heating in the Sunshine Coast, namely Buderim, Kawana, Kunda Park, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Mountain Creek and surrounding areas, is becoming a popular way to reduce energy costs.

If you are looking for a ducted heating installation in the Sunshine Coast or a heating system get in touch with us.

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